About Us

Our Vision

Amboz Ventures GmbH Switzerland believes in taking care of our environment. Having grown up in Switzerland our founder and owner both understand the value of Swiss quality. The prosperity of Switzerland is largely due to a nation that values doing things right. Products that were produced decades ago still last and run well. Products are carefully maintained and made with great care for detail. “He who is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys” At Amboz we want to revive this tradition of quality. As the culture moves away from it and there is an increasing influx of junk products with life expectancy well below what one should expect, we want to go against that stream and produce products that last.

Our Approach

Our strategy is twofold, produce quality and stand for it, fix our mistakes and learn from them. This means that we place a great value on quality production, this costs us well above the average for production. And we provide warranties on our products, you get free replacements or repairs for the duration of your warranty. We want to take care of our environment, this means that we take back all broken products and repair them if possible or use them for parts in repairing others, making full use of resources available. Reducing trash as much as possible.

Our Plan

Our original production line is in Asia, our repair centers located in the USA. There is a growing trend to reject products from Asia to which we respond. No people are better than others, no person is better than the other based on exterior attributes. It is the heart that differentiates. “As a person thinks in his/her heart, so is he/she.” It is ideologies and philosophies that are superior to one another. For instance if you ascribe to the ideology that wealth is finite, you will have a tendency to take and envy. Once you realize that the world has never been more prosperous than it is now and that wealth is created mostly through human input and interaction then you are free to do your part and take part in building up and making this a better place for all. Resources in this world might be finite, but the efficiency with which we can use them to create wealth is not. No matter ever gets destroyed it just changes form. We produce where we can find diligent workers that produce at a cost that enables us to sell our products on the market.
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